IIPTF-2010 in Review


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The fair had something for everyone. Business owners, veterinarians, traders, retailers, pet owners, gardening enthusiasts, etc, thronged the venue in droves


IIPTF 2010 was a tremendous success, exceeding its predecessors in both footfall and magnanimity. The fair kickstarted on 12 February at NSIC Bhawan, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi, and went on till 14 February. All 3 days of the fair went off smoothly, with thousands upon thousands of pet lovers, enthusiasts, pet parents, etc, thronging the venue with their families and pets. On the business side too, exhibitors received a great response as businessmen of the Indian pet industry visited the fair to network and liaison in hopes of affiliating themselves with manufacturers, exporters, importers, etc, for business generation.


The fair had something for everyone. Business owners, veterinarians, traders, retailers, etc, used it as a platform to intermingle with fellow businessmen or colleagues to generate business, expose their products to the public, or simply to expand their customerbases. Doting pet parents treated it as ‘Pet’s Day’—a day devoted to their loving pet. They came to purchase goodies for their pets, make them participate in one, two or all of the pet events at IIPTF, or simply to stroll around with them and relish the unique atmosphere.

Besides the wide gamut of pet products and services on display, the pet events (Obedience Show, the All Breed Championship and the Cat & Dog Fashion Shows) attracted enormous crowds. The fair concluded on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) with a grand finale, ie, the cat & dog fashion shows, wherein dogs and cats dressed in vibrant, innovative costumes competed for first prize.

Exhibitors included those from across India in all facets of the pet industry, as well as, from Canada, USA and Poland. Several exhibitors were supported by the attendance of their foreign suppliers/partners including those from Italy, Germany, China, New Zealand, Japan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Spain.




In this year’s edition, a ‘Garden & Landscaping’ section, comprising products and services related to the garden and landscape industry in the country was introduced on a small scale, to highlight the connection between pets and nature, as well as, to facilitate a meeting ground for like-minded individuals (as it is often found that lovers of gardening are also ardent lovers of pets). The segment included exotic nursery plants (Azaleas, orchids, various varieties of cacti, pine plants, etc), gardening furniture & accessories, and beautiful earthen pots, gardening fountains and luminaries, etc. This endeavour, too, was received positively by the visiting public and gardening industry, strengthening our intent to amplify this segment further in future reprints of the fair. In the future, IIPTF aims to elevate the garden & landscaping segment of the fair to a level at par with its pet section, and envisages it to become an important B2B event for the gardening industry.


Another new initiative—that of including cats and emphasising them as loving and worthy pets was enforced at this year’s fair via the Cat Fashion Show, which was held on 14 February.


On the business front, a Pet Shop Retailing Seminar for proprietors of pet shops was conducted by the Indian Retail School, to educate attendees on “Best Practices in Retailing & Visual Merchandising and Communication”. Vital fundamentals of retailing—price, product, delivery and service—were included in the seminar.

Furthermore, a coach tour was organised for the benefit of foreign delegates taking them to 9 major pet retail stores in the capital to familiarise the former with how the pet industry works in India. The tour helped the international delegates to learn about the standards and methods employed by the Indian pet industry to market its goods, forge potential business tieups, as well as, explore the scope of the Indian pet business industry.





Besides all of the exciting products and services on display, major attractions at the fair were the Obedience Show, the All Breed Championship and the Cat & Dog Fashion Shows. All 3 pet events (collectively) had a robust participation count of approximately 300 dogs and close to 10 cats. Special crowd and media magnets were the Cat & Dog Fashion Shows, which were organised on the last day of the fair, for which people dressed up their pets in innovative and vibrant costumes.


A mini photo studio, set up by Mahatta & Co., the reputed Delhi-based photo studio, created excitement amongst pet owners, as people queued up to get themselves photographed with their pets.


In all its facets, IIPTF 2010 met the goals set out by its mission statement, which constitutes:


  • Giving impetus to the pet industry in India by acting as a forum for importers, exporters, manufacturers and service providers of the pet vertical where they can congregate, interact, discuss, network and forge vital business relationships;


  • Increasing awareness about responsible pet ownership & parenting. The various services on display educated people on topics like pet healthcare, grooming, hygiene, etc;


  • Emphasising public pets as desirable and worthy pets, thereby helping increase the level of their adoptions in the country. Registration for all 3 of the pet events allowed mixed breeds, in addition to the pedigreed elite, to welcome and cherish the former. PAWS, the NGO, was granted a stall gratis, to raise funds for its operations and to give out pups for adoption. Furthermore, a portion of the ticket sales, too, went to PAWS


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