Indian Pet and Equine Industry

Fact and Figure

  • The pet population in India has grown from 7 million in 2006 to 10 million in 2011. On an average 600,000 pets are adopted every year
  • With dog ownership in India rising, Euromonitor International has projected India to be the fastest growing global pet market, and the rising pet ownership rates are driving demand for pet food, health products, and pet accessories
  • The Indian pet market is now $800-million-plus industry, and is expected to register strong double-digit retail value growth in the coming years
  • Rising disposable income is a huge contributing factor for the growth of pet industry in India, with the annual disposable income of Indians reaching $1.576 billion in 2012
  • According to Goldman Sachs, India's GDP per capita in US$ terms will quadruple from 2007 to 2020, and the Indian economy will surpass the US by 2043
  • Pet care products catering to the health and wellness needs of pets have emerged and are being well accepted, with pet care registering an approximate growth of 24 percent in 2012
  • International players hold a strong presence in pet care in India. Compared with local players, international players have more resources to invest in new product development and prolific marketing
  • Pet food in India has seen increasing specialisation and premium food brands are gaining popularity in urban areas
  • The media's positive portrayal of pets has had a huge impact on public perception towards the latter
  • Owing to the general atmosphere of sensitisation towards pets in the country, more Indian consumers have come to humanise their pets, and pet owners do not mind spending on what they perceive as being necessary or beneficial for their pets, be it pet food, treats, toys, medicines, resort stays or air fare
  • Delayed parenthood is a much underestimated but a potent contributing factor to the growth of the industry. Every year, hundreds of young married couples without children adopt pets as a means to simulating family life before they have children
  • Forecast sales for dog and cat food in 2016 is $102.89 million